painting of Dartmeet bridges by Pat Harrison

river bridges, acrylic on canvas panel 50 x 70 cm

May I invite you to browse through my paintings and drawings of landscapes and seascapes, still lifes and architecture or go to my 

You will find up to date news about current activities and exhibitions on my blog.

You are welcome to leave a comment or write to me with any art related question you might have.

I am hoping that it will give you as much pleasure to look around my gallery as it has given me to create it.

Should you be interested in buying an original or limited edition prints please contact me or go to my online shop where you will find further details.

8 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Hi Pat,

    I really like these artworks, I’m only moving into colour myself now but these, your paintings are an inspiration, one thing I really like about them is the realistic detail and studying these really inspire me to try to mix something similar from a New Zealand setting with my style and mechanical drawings.

    I do believe to many war comics in early years but seriously your entire collection is changes my focus to let add a little more green, lets say landscape.

    Just Brilliant
    Cheers Ian


    • Sandy. I am glad you like it. Looking at your website I am equally impressed with your work. It is a rare sight these days to find an artist who would find the time and have the expertise to produce art of that kind of quality.


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